MME dUO @ meakusma, Eupen/Belgium, Sept. 02

Production Commission for RADIOPHRENIA 2022

If you see me on the road – for the radio program FUNKT!

HOW TO was selected by Radiophrenia on The Borealis Radio Show, Norway – LISTEN HERE!

HOW TO @ Radiophrenia, 2020

ONpodcast #20 Geräusch und Musik mit Maria Wildeis und MME dUO, 2020

MME dUO @ radio maria, her greatness Maria Wildeis is hosting us in her radio show at 674FM, 2020

residency and concert performance @ Kunstverein global forest, St.Georgen, 2020

awholerunboom, Setareh Gallery, Düsseldorf (canceled due to c.), 2020

meakusma festival, Eupen, Belgium (canceled due to c.), 2020

awholerunboom, Double 12″ & Digital, makiphon 006, kjubh, Cologne, 2019

Radiophrenia 2019, Broadcasting across Glasgow on 87.9 FM, 24 h, 13.–26.5, 2019